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What’s really been going on with me…

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So, it has been pretty obvious that there has been some stuff going on with me for the last several months, especially if you follow me on Facebook.  It hasn’t been my story to tell so I had to deal on the down low, which hasn’t been easy.  It has also probably overburdened those I could tell.  But it is not a secret and I am okay to talk about what is going on.

This is the deal.  My father has recently been diagnosed with Stage IV aggressive melanoma.  This started mid-August with some differing diagnoses.  That led hin to a specialist in Syracuse, who really didn’t think it was cancerous, despite the ridiculously fast growth.  But it turned out to be melanoma and he was referred to a cancer center for more in-depth testing and treatment.  It is there that some puzzling anomalies were discovered through a PET scan and lab work.  So there was another transfer to a leading oncologist in Buffalo who is now overseeing his treatment.  It was there that it was determined that he is Stage IV.  It was also there that, during the course of further testing, another possible issue was discovered.  Now we are awaiting more tests, more results, more answers.  The results of the current tests will determine the course of action for treatment, although he will eventually be on a fairly new drug that has seen some positive results with this kind of aggressive cancer.  After that round is over, there will be a determination as to where to go next.

So this is what has been going on with me and my cryptic statuses and posts.  I have been up and down, all over the map, with this.  Some days I deal pretty well, most days I don’t.  I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual and I am trying to have faith and be positive.  But I am scared and it is hard to be strong when you are that scared.

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  1. Emma M

    Oh honey! I hope he comes through this soon, and your life gets a little easier… Okay a whole lot easier! You deserve some good coming your way.xx


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