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pet peeves

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pet peeve (noun): a frequent subject of complaint

It’s weird how something that is no big deal to one person can irritate the hell out of another. I don’t have a lot of pet peeves, but I definitely have a few.

interrupt me ONE more time, I dare you

One is being interrupted. I effing HATE being interrupted. If you want a sure way to piss me off, interrupt me. I’ll go from sweet to bitch in a hot minute. To me, there are few things that tell me how little I matter, how little I’m respected, than that. All it means is that they don’t care what I have to say because it’s unimportant, that what they have to say is important and matters more. And it means the person I’m talking to isn’t listening to a damn thing I’m saying because they’re too busy formulating their own answer. Active listening, people. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

your eyes are gonna get stuck that way

Right on par with interrupting me is rolling your eyes at me. O.M.G. It’s so effing disrespectful. I don’t give a damn if you don’t agree with what I’m saying. At least have the respect to listen and consider it with an open mind. I don’t need, want, or accept a condescending attitude like that. If you want me to listen to you, and actually hear your words, extend the same to me.

what are we? seven?

Dear God, the name-calling. I just can’t. The moment you start with the name-calling is the moment I stop giving a damn what you’re saying listen. At that point, all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher. If you have to stoop to calling me, or anyone else, names, then you’ve lost all credibility with me. FFS, the last several years were hell for me with that particular peeve. POTUS 45 made that a trend, and it was not a trend that was becoming. I didn’t care what side of the aisle it came from, I hated it. If you can’t make your point, as a grown-ass adult, without resorting to name-calling, then maybe you should rethink your damn point.

i give in. you’re right.

Right-fighters. I don’t get it. There’s nothing more fruitless than a conversation discussion argument with someone who REFUSES to concede a single point. It becomes an interaction with a brick wall, and I just don’t have time for that. In those moments, I realize it doesn’t matter what I say because they have to be right, no matter what. I could have a solid point, but I might as well have presented it in Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak for all the attention it’s given. Right-fighters also tend to be another sub-category of pet peevery… those who argue just to argue. Don’t get it. Never will. Don’t want to.

the things that drive you mad

Honorable mention goes to those who are incapable of taking personal responsibility… for anything.

What drives you insane?

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