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Saturday 9: Love Story

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Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here

1) The lyrics tell us about a romantic summer night on a balcony. Does your home have a balcony?

Only inside, from the second floor looking down into the living room.

2) Taylor Swift sings that her father warns her boyfriend to stay away, but she sees him anyway. Tell us about a time you defied your parents.

Oh, boy. I wasn’t really too defiant until I got old enough to get away with it. I wanted to join the US Army to be a linguist, but I was only 17 when I graduated, young enough that I needed my parents permission to join. My mother refused to sign unless I went in the Reserves, not active duty, and went to college. I had every intention of going to college, but I wanted to be active duty so I could go to DLI, the military language school, one of the best in the world. Being in the Reserves meant that couldn’t happen. But I did it, became a split-opt Reservist, meaning I went to basic the summer after I graduated high school, then I did my freshman year. Then I went to my job training. And the day after I got home from that, I went straight to the recruiters office to go active duty. The moment I’d fulfilled my minimum obligation to the Reserves, I was gone, six months later. MY MOTHER WAS FURIOUS. Best decision I ever made.

3) The castle in this video looks European, but it’s in Arrington, TN. Castle Gwynn is the site of the annual Tennessee Renaissance Fair. This May the festival will be back, and among the items food vendors are offering are Scotch eggs. When did you most recently eat eggs, and how were they prepared?

I had ramen eggs in my wun tun min saimin. So good!

4) Love Story is also the story of Jenny and Oliver in a book by Erich Segal and a movie starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal. Are you familiar with either the book or the movie?

I’ve seen the movie and read the book multiple times. The book came out the year I was born!

5) Taylor was born in Reading, PA. which is home to the Reading Railroad, one of the four railroads featured in Monopoly. Without looking it up, can you name the two most expensive Monopoly properties?

Park Place and Boardwalk.

6) When she’s not performing on stage, Taylor likes to keep it casual and prefers to wear cowboy boots. Tell us about your favorite footwear.

I’m so not bougie. I love my Locals (flip flops).

7) Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift, is an actor and producer who studied photography at college. Think about the last picture you took. Did you use your phone, tablet or camera? (Feel free to share it, if you’d like.)

I took a pic of my laptop screen with my phone. Nothing interesting, just a shot of our internet plan so my husband can call the company.

 8) In 2008, the year this song was popular, the Emmy Award winning show Breaking Bad premiered. Were you a fan?

I’ve never seen a single episode!

9) Random question: You and your best friend sit down to write the story of how/when you met. Do you think the stories would be almost the same or quite different? (In other words, will you two remember the event the same way?)

I have a few best friends, but the one I’ve had the longest I’ve known since we were three. To be honest, I doubt either one of us could remember how we met. I sure don’t!

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