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I inadvertently fell down a rabbit hole this morning, just by reading an about-me style page. It was less a biography and more of a slide down into a conspiracy-theory and hate-filled hole in the ground.

There was an entire  diatribea bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing (a better word there isn’t to describe it) about Muslims and their supposed worship of a demon idol. It went on to refer to, not surprisingly, anyone on the left as demonic as well. This, of course, led into the whole multiple-times-disproven idea that that election was stolen and that Clintons and everyone like them are essentially worshippers of Satan.

And, of course, there was much about COVID and masking. In essence, COVID is a hoax and the mask is a tool of slavery. As is the idea of a vaccine passport. Which is a shot record, just like one gets for normal everyday immunizations.

The most confusing part of it was about Democrats. It likened anyone who shared the ideology to the KKK. There was a long list of things that Democrats supposedly stand for, most of them utterly ridiculous. And a few that left me flummoxed as to the author’s thought process. Let’s talk about a few of these confusing ones, all of which, mind you, are about the left supporting:

  • hate speech: The irony of this being listed as a Democratic ideal on a page DEVOTED to hate speech against anyone who doesn’t agree with them is astonishing. Also, it would be extremely difficult to find many on the left who support hate speech, since it’s an ideology heavy on social issues.
  • facisma form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy: By its very definition, it’s a right thing, not a left. So there’s that. And 45 spent a lot of time trying to suppress opposition, and that’s hard to ignore.
  • racists: Um… the fight AGAINST racism has been largely a left fight, so I’m not sure exactly how that one works.

Then it further devolved into a convoluted onslaught against essentially anyone who wasn’t white, Christian, politically conservative, and heterosexual. And a lot of vaguely worded comments about being armed.

This is the type of person I can’t and probably never will understand. I don’t understand the level of discontent one must feel to have and hold that much hate in the world. I was raised in an Episcopalian househould, attended church and studies regularly. But there are a lot of reasons I left my church so many years ago. The biggest was and is the way in which I’ve seen people, some in my own life, use religion as a weapon of hatred against those who are different. That shouldn’t be what religion and faith are, tools of hate. If anything, it feels sacreligious to me.

The hatred makes me sad.

I’m sociopolitically liberal, believing in equality regardless of sexuality, creed, race, or gender. I don’t judge an indvidual based solely on any one of those things, or anything really. I celebrate diversity, and I believe in supporting others as I can. I believe love is love. I have two sons who identify as gay, and I stand for them always.

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2 responses to “flummoxed

  1. Thank you for this post! I fell down that very same rabbit hole a few days ago. The hatred caught me by surprise, and I surprised myself for caring enough to cry over it. The hatred, fueled by lies, for me! The lies of what Democrats “believe” and want were outrageous. I certainly don’t want the things attributed to “us,” and know no one who does, not even our elected officials are “for” those things!
    I chose not to link my post to the blog that linked to the one I believe you refer to. I just didn’t want association with it, or for any of my readers to possibly fall into the same rabbit hole and break an ankle. Although, you handled it better. I even deleted my paragraphs about the very thing you properly wrote about. You did well, I chickened out.

    • Kim Deister

      So very much NOT the comment I was anticipating! And I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I’ve been overwhelmed with the sadness and, yes, anger at those attitudes for so long. And very alone with it, so this makes me feel a little LESS alone. So, thank you!


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