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thursday 13: tiny houses

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I’m obsessed with tiny houses… the ingenious designs, the creativity, all of it!

1. Shaye’s House

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

I love this place so much, even the outdoor bathtub. Although I probably would have enclosed the sides and left the top open. I love the way they turned the lanai roof into gardens and the living wall inside.

2. Rachel & Grieg’s House Bus

Location: Taupō Bay, New Zealand

I love the hidden outdoor tubs, so interesting.

3. The Ohana Tiny House

Location: near Portland, Oregon

This is actually two tiny homes connected by a sundeck in the middle. It is gorgeous!

4. Tiny Earthship Home

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

This one is a totally off-grid, sustainable home. It’s so odd looking, but I love the philosophy behind it. The indoor garden is gorgeous.

5. The Hairy Respite

Location: near Phoenix, Arizona

I love the living room area so much! And the hidden office area is ingenious. I would definitely live in this one. The shower enclosure is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Beautiful.

6. Little River Tiny House

Location: Marysville, Tennessee

It has so much outdoor space, which I would love! The simple wood and white interior makes if feel so much bigger than it really is.

7. Space-Saving Tiny House

Location: Canada

There are so many hidden features… furniture that transforms, hidden storage, multiuse pieces. It’s amazing!

8. Hobbit Hollow

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Would I like in it? Absolutely! It’s ADORABLE!!

9. The Mini Mountain Blue Cottage

Location: Lake Blue Ridge, Georgia

There’s something about it that makes it seem so much bigger than it is. And that accent wall and fireplace are beautiful!

10. Gawthorne’s Hut

Location: Mudgee, Australia

I just love the unique shape of this place. What’s ingenious is that the angled roof is such that it maximizes the solar power. The inside is spectacular, lots of windows to bring the outside in. And the tub… I’m there for it!

11. Island Tiny House

Location: Kona, Hawai’i

This is so very much the Hawai’i vibe, and I love it. It’s open and gorgeous, laidback and surprisingly spacious!!

12. Sculpted Tiny House

Location: Alkali Lake, British Columbia

This is a home in the Esk’etemc First Nation lands. I love, love, love the counter area in the kitchen. The sleeping loft is gorgeous, although my fear of heights would be a no-go for sleeping there with no wall between me and the floor!

13. Tiny Luxury

Location: Sydney, Australia

The swimming pool is bigger than the entire house! And so much outdoor living space. One of the things I love the most is the giant pass-through window in the kitchen to the outdoor eating area.

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5 responses to “thursday 13: tiny houses

  1. I’ve always thought they were cute, and would have plenty of space for one person. Not families! Probably not ever a couple. These are pretty fabulous ones.

  2. I would like to have one but I’d use the entire thing myself for an office. My house is not large, but I frequently wish I had somewhere to go that wasn’t here, because the laundry, the dishes, and the husband are always calling my name.


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