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friday 5: make it simple to last your whole life long

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1. What kiddie song do you still like as a grownup?

I’m interpreting this to include kid versions of songs. To that end… my top three contenders:

2. When did a new* song most recently* get you excited?

A feminist rapper, a folk singer, and a cover of an iconic Nirvana song


3. What song were you introduced to via television ad or as background in a movie or TV show?

See above! Malia J and her cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

4. Which song’s opening lyric do you especially love?

I painted your room at
Midnight, so I’d know
Yesterday was over

5. With which five songs would you begin a weekend-themed playlist?

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6 responses to “friday 5: make it simple to last your whole life long

  1. Hey, The Muppets are for grown-ups! Aren’t they? It was one of the only shows in the 70s that my father laughed for. Those Muppets really did great cover songs. My son (adult) and I watched Muppet Treasure Island just a couple of weeks ago. Muppets, Tim Curry, song and dance… what’s not to love?


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