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saturday 9: the curly shuffle

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Saturday 9: The Curly Shuffle (1983)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is a valentine to The Three Stooges. Are you a fan?

I watched the Stooges a lot growing up with my grandfather. There’s a sense of nostalgia associated with them more than a true fanship.

2) It was released to coincide with the Three Stooges getting a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. That’s the Hollywood in California. There are 23 other Hollywoods in the United States and two in Ireland. Have you ever visited any of these 26 Hollywoods? If so, which one?

I’ve been to the Cali Hollywood and the Florida one.

3) The inspiration for this song was Jerome Horowitz, aka Curly Howard of The Three Stooges. He had many signature phrases, including “nyuk, nyuk, nyuk,” “woob, woob, woob,” and “sointenly.” Give us a movie quote, and be sure to tell us who said it.

BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When you’re down here with us, you’ll float too!

Pennywise, IT (1990, 2017)

I’m a fan of the OG version…

4) Curly’s older brother, Moses Horowitz, was better known as Moe Howard. Moe was convinced that Lou Costello of Abbott & Costello developed his screen persona by stealing from Curly. It turns out he was right! Lou Costello was previewing early prints of Three Stooges films before they were released to the public. Tell us about a time your gut instinct told you something that turned out to be true.

This happens a lot for me. Once, when Corey and I were stationed in Fort Lee, I had a horrible feeling that something bad was about to happen to him, a car accident. He worked in the same building, and I had no reason to think he was going anywhere. But I called his office, and he was literally just walking out to drive the Humvee across post to go pick up some equipment. It was something he did fairly often, and he always went the same way. So I told him to take another route. He’d learned to have respect for my feelings (they are always on point), so he went a different way. When he got back, his OIC (officer in charge) was relieved. Turned out there had been a MASSIVE accident in one of the intersections on his usual route, happening right when he would have been there,

5) The third Stooge, Larry, was Louis Feinberg. Though he became famous as a movie comic, he was also a talented musician. When he was 11, he received an invitation to study violin at a European conservatory, but because of WWI he was unable to go. Tell us about plans of yours that were interrupted because of circumstances beyond your control (weather, the pandemic, etc.).

Corey and I were supposed to renew our vows for our 10th anniversary. We had to scrap the plans at the last moment because his deployment in Afghanistan got extended by three months.

6) As a teen, Larry took up boxing and won several bouts. His father disapproved of the sport and put an end to his boxing career. Did you participate in sports during your teen years? 

I played hockey for a little while. While I LOVE hockey, I’m not that great. I was also a runner.

7) Today the Three Stooges Fan Club has more than 2,000 members and publishes a quarterly newsletter filled with rare photos, interviews, trivia and a marketplace where fans can buy and sell Stooge memorabilia. Have you ever belonged to a fan club?

Super nerdy one… the Valdemar/Mercedes Lackey fan club.

8) In 1983, Princess Diana was the world’s top cover girl. Her influence was credited for reviving Britain’s fashion and tourist industries. When you think of Britain, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

9) Random question — Your best friend needs help hanging a picture. Would you be comfortable holding the nail so your friend could swing the hammer?

Hell, no!

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11 responses to “saturday 9: the curly shuffle

  1. Yikes! That’s a pretty accurate premonition! I’m glad you were able to warn Corey. Wow.
    I watched the Stooges with my grandfather, too. He was a big fan, a real character, himself, and he looked a lot like Moe. Good memories.
    Love your blog header, by the way. Too cute!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. I just finished listening to Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar: Vows and Honor series, many of the classic fantasy novel are now audiobooks.
    I used to go backpacking in the Five Ponds, Ha-De-Ron-Dah, and the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Areas back in the seventies, now I am in my seventies.


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