8.12.2021 | Thursday

I Like Thursday: #257

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This is a new meme for me, all about the things we’ve liked over the past week. I love the positivity of it!

1. I liked this tiny house I saw on YouTube a couple days ago, so much that I’m using as inspiration for a setting in the novel I’m writing.

2. I like that I learned this week that Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald-Mage trilogy is coming to TV! Although love might be a better word…

3. I liked doing this morning yoga routine yesterday. I felt so good after it!

4. I liked having a cup of this coffee in Chocolate Raspberry yesterday morning on my lanai while I read. It was so quiet and peaceful.

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5. I liked this book that I finished on Wednesday!

6. I like the cover of this book that I ran across on Monday.

7. I like (love) Katharine Hepburn, and I like this movie that I watched this week.

8. I super-like that I ran across this yesterday, coming soon!

9. I like this TikTok I saw last night.

10. I like this TikTok, too, that I saw a couple days ago, even if it made me cry.

11. I like the cover of this book I saw today, coming out next month.

12. I like that it’s my birthday, and I’m still here!!!

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9 responses to “I Like Thursday: #257

  1. Colette

    Welcome to I like Thursday. Great list. Great movie, I love old movies especially with Katherine Hepburn. I like that you see book covers that intrigue you. Bones Coffee is my favorite. I have bags in my cupboard. I really like their White Russian. I am just learning some yoga I need to take more time to learn.

  2. Pat

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day! Thanks for joining in the I Like Thursday fun. Have you read many of the tea mystery books? Do they all include recipes? I like a fun themed mystery series and have not read any of these … :) Pat

  3. Oh, wow – Vanyel on TV? I hope they don’t botch it! I was good with Adriene last month, but haven’t done a single one this month…. you’ve reminded me that I really need to get back to it! August – a great month for birthdays. Happy birthday!


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