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thursday 13: words for things

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This week’s list is words! These are words that I either didn’t know or words for things for which I had no idea!

1. glabella (noun)

the smooth prominence between the eyebrows (link)

2. mondegreen (noun)

a word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or sung (link)

3. billingsgate (noun)

coarsely abusive language (link)

4. quire (noun)

a collection of 24 or sometimes 25 sheets of paper of the same size and quality one twentieth of a ream (link)

5. kakorrhaphiophobia (noun)

an abnormal fear of failure (link)

6. spanghew (verb)

to throw violently into the air; especially to throw (a frog) into the air from the end of a stick (link)

7. axinomancy (noun)

divination by means of the movements of an ax placed on a post (link)

8. hapax legomenon (noun)

a word or form occurring only once in a document or corpus (link)

9. mytacism (noun)

excessive or wrong use of the sound of the letter m (link)

10. squdgy (adjective)

squdgy, ill-shaped body (link)

11. erinaceous (adjective)

like or relating to the hedgehog (link)

12. zoanthropy (noun)

a monomania in which a person believes himself changed into an animal and acts like one (link)

13. poltophagy (noun)

thorough chewing of food until it becomes like porridge (link)

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10 responses to “thursday 13: words for things

  1. interesting list of unusual words. I love words, and using them in my art as well as putting them together into stories. My glabella is no longer smooth but becoming furrowed from worries

  2. So that’s what quire means?! I’ve been using it a lot on Words With Friends, and I wondered. (I cheat and find words via a website where I can input the letters I have.)


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