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thursday 13: the best of the 80s

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I was a teen of the 1980’s, a time of questionable fashion and great music. Here’s my best of…

1. The Facts of Life

I loved this show!

2. the birth of MTV

Back when it was still music! Yo! MTV Raps, Headbangers Ball, The very first video aired

3. SWATCH watches

They weren’t so expensive back then!

4. The Sony Walkman

I had this one!

5. Michael Jackson’s Thriller video

Regardless of your feelings on Michael Jackson, this video was iconic in the time.

6. mix tapes

I made and got TONS of them. And mine were always done on these cassettes!

7. Top Gun

Just about every guy of a certain age has used some form of “Maverick” as a nickname because of this movie, including my husband!

8. The Chicago Bears and The Super Bowl Shuffle

Bad and iconic at the same time!


9. Tawny Kitaen and Whitesnake

Another iconic 80s video…

10. When Team USA beat Team USSR for gold in the 1980 Winter Olympics

I was at this game, and it was AMAZING! One of the most exciting moments of my young life!

11. boom boxes

I had one that had a double cassette deck so I made my mixes on it!

12. Dirty Dancing

No one puts Baby in the corner…

13. Caboodles

I had a pink one and a lavender one!

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6 responses to “thursday 13: the best of the 80s

  1. My girls were teens during those years and I remember all this stuff very well. I watched This is It and was especially struck by what a musician that man was. Thriller definitely broke new grounds. Thanks for this snap shot bringing back good memories.

  2. Colette

    Oh my so many memories. I was an older teen, in the early 80’s. But so many awesome memories. I still listen to White Snake. :D


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