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friday 5: unto others

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1. When did you last give (or serve) something you cooked to someone not in your residence?

Oh, wow. It’s been a while. Since before the pandemic. The Christmas before, actually. I always make a ton of Christmas cookies, enough for us at home and enough for the worker bees in the house to take to work to share. I didn’t do it for Christmas 2020, not beyond the house, because, you know, COVID.

2. When did someone — not a restaurant or takeout spot or housemate! — last prepare a dish for you?

That, too, has been awhile. Not since my neighbor Allison left Hawaii. She made us an amazing casserole one night as a thanks for sheltering her kids when the SWAT team was in the ‘hood and we were on strict lockdown. Long story short, a couple on the run dipped into a house that was diagonally back-to-back. Allison lived in the other side of the duplex, but she was at work so I grabbed her kids and brought them over. The cops let her in to get her kids, but SWAT was there for HOURS!

Here’s the story. It’s not entirely accurate. It says the suspects let them leave, but it didn’t really happen like that. The whole reason the cops knew which house the couple had gone into was because the woman of the house surrepticiously Facebooked it, asking for help. She took photos, posted them, and someone called the police and gave them the exact address. The family was inside for quite some time before they started letting them go.

3. When did you last reach out to someone who could use some company?

A few days ago. My brother and SIL are RNs in New York. My brother works in the ICU with primarily COVID patients and my SIL works in the COVID unit. It’s been really hard on them. So I check on them as often as I can, if for no other reason than to let them have a shoulder.

4. When did someone last reach out to you for similar reasons?

Sadly, outside of my family, I can’t remember the last time. I suppose that’s a sad statement on my friends.

5. How good a listener are you when someone needs to talk it out?

I’m a good listener. Sometimes people don’t need a fixer. They just need someone to hear them. I can do that, and then I can hug you and let you cry it out. And then I’ll make you a cup of tea.

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