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I Like Thursday: #259

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This is a new meme for me, all about the things we’ve liked over the past week. I love the positivity of it!

1. Unicorns & Dragons

I got this book of amigurumi patterns for my birthday and I like it so much. The patterns are written well with lots of photographs. And I love that there are QR codes that lead to a special page where others have posted their versions of the different creatures. The pic is linked to Amazon.

2. Harriet the Pegasus

I like this pattern so much! It’s out of the book above, I’m working on it right now. I just completed the head and now it’s on to the body. You can see the pattern page here.

3. Scythe by Neil Shusterman

I like this book that I’m reading, which was recommended to me by my oldest son. He’s an associate prof at the University of Orlando, and his down time is spent like I spend a lot of mine… reading!

4. drag art by Kel Enders

I love the art form of drag, and I love the paintings/prints of the drag queens by Kel Enders. I own several of them, and they’re beautiful. His shop is here.

5. paper crafting

I don’t know why but watching paper crafting is very ASMR to me. I like this video!

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