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thursday 13: eclectic videos

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Today’s thirteen reflects the wide variety of things I watch on YouTube with regularity!!

1. paper crafting

I watch a lot of paper crafting videos, even though it’s not something I do very much of. It’s very soothing!

2. Rosanna Pansino

I usually watch her on the Try Guys Without a Recipe series, but then I ran across this video. And I love opera, so here you are!

3. Charlotte Dobre

I watch her almost daily. She’s hilarious!

4. a reading journal flip-through

I love to read, I’m a book blogger, I’m an author, I love to journal, and I love my planner… therefore this is all that I love!

5. Bailey Sarian’s Murder, Mystery, & Makeup series

She is so good!

6. unique houses

I love, love, love these kind of videos!

7. tiny houses

I don’t think I could do it, but I love them so much!

8. origami

Origami is so relaxing!

9. organization

My goals are loftier than my reality!

10. dance videos

I love, love, love dance, all kinds of dance!

11. this skating video

That they skate to Metallica makes me very happy!

12. planners

Very ASMR for me, even if my own never looks so pretty!

13. music

I love music, all kinds!

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