8.31.2021 | Tuesday

crocheting like a weirdo

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So I’ve been crocheting since I was eight. My maternal grandmother taught me, and in the years since, I’ve realized she taught me all kinds of crazy. To make it worse, she was a leftie, teaching a rightie.

I didn’t realize I was yarning over wrong until several years ago when I was trying to do a stitch and discovered it was impossible the way I crocheted. So I retaught myself. Then a few days ago, I watched a video about three guys learning to crochet and realized that I also…

  • don’t hold my hook like a pen which most people seem to do. I hold it overhand
  • hold my work vertically to my body and work into stitches that way so that my project spools into my lap against my stomach. Most people work from side to side. For reference…
  • turn my work differently due to the above.
  • start my foundation rows differently. Most people seem to stitch into just one of the V-loops. I was taught to work into either both V-loops or the bump. I use the bump so that I have a finished edge.

Does it make a difference in the finished project? I have no damn idea. But I don’t think so. Everything I’ve done looks as it should.

Now if only I could conquer knitting…

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