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Fuck Texas

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Let me preface this… I’m solidly pro-choice. Solidly. I don’t judge you if you don’t want abortions, and I don’t judge if you choose to have one. I 100% support YOUR CHOICE!

Texas is a hypocritical, GOP suckhole. A statement that largely holds true for ALL GOP-led states.

“My body, my choice.”

The anti-masker/anti-vaxxer types have been slinging this around as their own rallying cry. Do they not get the irony of that? Do they know how utterly stupid and hypocritical they sound?

It’s a phrase that’s been used for decades in the United States as a feminist call for bodily autonomy for reproductive rights and other women’s rights.

You know… the same rights that Texas just shit all over. And that the Supreme Court is utterly ignoring. Thank you, in part, Amy Coney Barrett, I’m sure. And you can bet that more GOP-led states will follow suit with similar legislation.

It’s very clear that “my body, my choice” only applies to a fucking piece of fabric and a vaccine that are used TO FUCKING SAVE LIVES. But women? Who the fuck cares, right?

This Texas law bans abortions after six weeks. Let’s unpack this, shall we?

  • Most women don’t know they’re pregnant that early.
  • Some women have irregular cycles that would inhibit knowing they were pregnant.
  • Some women continue to have cycles within the beginning of pregnancy.
  • The law makes no concession for rape or incest.
  • The law allows any private citizen, with or without a relationship of any kind to any party involved in the lawsuit, to not only sue abortion providers but anyone else who in any way helps a woman get an abortion.
    • This includes loaning her money.
    • This includes giving a ride.
  • If the suit is successful, the person suing is awarded $10,000.
    • In other words, the system is gamed. It is set up so that people can potentially make money off the back of someone else’s situation, a situation which IN NO WAY involves them. It’s a solid encouragement for private citizens to become Big Brother against women.
    • In other words, there is a $10,000 bounty reward.

This is a war on women.

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6 responses to “Fuck Texas

  1. It’s horrible. And to allow any private citizen to butt in? An anti-abortion relative or neighbor or co-worker or just anyone can “turn them in.” Despicable people. “Deplorable” wasn’t a harsh enough word. It IS a bounty on pregnant women seeking abortions. No scientific or medical reasons to do this, and the only thing people can come up with for supporting it is “God” calls it “murder.” Religion has no business in medical issues.

      • My daughter (adult in her 20s) said we don’t need to read dystopian fiction we live it now in real life. There is so much to be angry about. I’m angry about being angry. Really. I never used to think “them” and “us” in regards to political parties, but “they” caused me to.

        • YES!!! This is what I’ve been saying, too. I’ve been beating myself up about becoming judgemental about certain issues, as being judgemental goes against everything I believe in. I was telling this to my son (he’s just shy of 20) the day before yesterday. And then he framed it in a way I’d never considered. It isn’t that I’ve become judgemental. I’ve become MORE aware of social issues and LESS accepting of things that aren’t right.

  2. THIS.THIS.THIS.THIS. I live in NM, are our hospitals are busting at the seams with assholes from TX who needed their “freedom” and now have COVID. THIS state respects womens rights and is 75% vaccinated…yet we are stuck dealing with idiot Texans. Uggghhh.

    • All of it is just pissing me off. Our hospitals here in Hawaii are the same way because of tourists who care more about their vacations than a damn pandemic. And they have zero problem disrespecting local culture while they’re here.


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