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friday 5: wolf!

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1. When are you the tortoise, and when are you the hare?

I am usually more tortoise than hare when it comes to writing. But I’m a hare a lot of the time because I’m the queen of multitasking.

2. When are you the grasshopper, and when are you the ants?

I’m always the ant. I like to be prepared for everything. I’m only the grasshopper in areas that wouldn’t affect anything too important.

3. When were you the lion, and when were you the mouse?

I try to be the mouse more than the lion, which is ironic because I’m a Leo.

4. Are you more like the town mouse or the country mouse?

Country mouse, definitely. Every now and then, it’s fun to be the town mouse, but the rest of the time… no.

5. Which fable told in your childhood has resonated with you through the years?

I always loved The Crow and the Pitcher, which you can read here. The moral has always been one that I think is important… where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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4 responses to “friday 5: wolf!

  1. I’m a Leo too! I say I’m a “bad Leo,” since I hate the spot light, but maybe a “closet Leo” would be a better way to put it. I don’t want to be in charge, but I want things done my way! I like The Crow and the Pitcher. It’s a bit like The Fox and the Stork. Crows are so smart, they would figure out how to eat.

  2. Your answer to number 1 is actually what inspired these questions this week. I had a rough week at work. What’s slower than a tortoise? That was me. I had to pull three all-nighters on work I should have been able to complete during my workdays. So frustrating.


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