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thursday 13: multilingual thingamajigs

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In my previous life, I was a linguist in the US Army, Polish and Vietnamese. But I’ve always been a language nerd. Even now, I’m learning Swedish because, well, just because. So, yes, I nerd out for language things. Yesterday, I ran across a meme about nonsense words in different languages, which led me to this!!

Welcome to my multilingual list of words/phrases used like “thingamajig.”

  1. Hawaiian Pidgin: da kine
  2. Korean: 뭐뭐뭐 (mwomwomwo)
  3. Norwegian: mäsmäsak
  4. Welsh: pethma
  5. Māori: mea
  6. Ojibwe: ii’ii
  7. Japanese: なになに (nani nani)
  8. Hindi: फ़लाँ (falāñ)
  9. Vietnamese: classifier + gì đó
  10. Bengali: ইয়ে (iay)
  11. Swedish: grej
  12. Yoruba: lagbja
  13. Hmong: yam lus


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