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friday 5: engine engine number 9

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1. What are your primary considerations as you decide what to wear on a typical day?

During hockey season… is it a New York Rangers game day, as it is today? Because if it is, it means wearing a Rangers shirt and/or hat, and my Henrik Lundqvist jersey during the actual game. Other than that, my question is only… am I leaving the house, and if so, where am I going? If I’m staying home, it’s usually leggings, joggers, and yoga pants. If I’m going to the beach, it’s a bathing suit, lava lava, and one of my beach dresses. If I’m going somewhere else, it’s whatever strikes the mood.

2. When did you have to select one person over others, much to others’ disappointment?

Quite a few times. When I was still in the Army, I often had to make choices for particular projects, which definitely could ruffle feathers.

3. When have you recently chosen the least unpleasant of unpleasant options?

I can’t actually think of a time, but that’s probably because it’s a pretty common situation. There are just times when it’s necessary. It is what it is, I guess.

4. In a bookstore, in a restaurant, in a gift shop, or wherever, how do you feel about having lots and lots and lots of choices?

I’m fine with lots of choices. I love to try new things and experiences, so I love having lots to choose from.

5. What are some things you wish you didn’t have to make choices regularly about?

Meal planning. I hate it. Someone is always unsatisfied!!

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