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friday 5: are you prepositioning me

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1. When did you recently do something on the sly?

I’m always sly during the holiday season! It takes skill to be sneaky when surrounded by these guys, but I’ve honed my skills over the years.

2. Which of your plans for the coming week is still up in the air?

I have to get some things for the cat and the dog. Yes, they have stockings, and they get gifts.

3. What’s happening across the street?

My old unit is empty, awaiting renovations. My former neighbors are preparing to pack up and move back to the mainland.

4. What have you heard recently through the grapevine?

Not much. I’m allergic to drama, and I tend to run far and fast from gossip. Not a fan. Unless, of course, it’s about hockey. Trade rumors, suspensions, things like that.

5. What kinds of videos on YouTube are likeliest to send you down the rabbit hole?

I’m obsessed with interior/exterior design videos. I also watch Loudwires Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction vids, which can be hysterical. And a lot of NHL videos. They do some of wacky on-ice moments and others on memorable moments that are interesting.

I recently watched this home one, a wacky one!

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