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friday 5: brainstorming

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1. If you owned a new professional sports team (pick any sport!), what would you name it, and what be its team colors?

I don’t even have to think about what sport. Hockey, hands down. And since this is purely for fun, I’m going to put my hockey team here in Hawai’i. Perhaps the Hale’iwa Honu (the endangered sea turtles). And the colors… green and brown, like the honu.

2. If you owned a new restaurant, what would you name it, and what kind of cuisine would it serve?

I’d open a tea shoppe, Tea by the Sea. I’d serve all kinds of teas and serve finger sandwiches and baked goods, maybe some soups. Light foods mostly.

3. If you owned a little independent retail shop, what would you name it, and what would it sell?

I would co-locate my shop with Tea by the Sea, and call it The Book Shack. And I’d sell books and cute notebooks, papers, pens, washi, and stickers.

4. If you launched a charity, what would be its cause?

Cleft palate kids. My youngest was born with a UCLP complete, a unilateral cleft lip and palate, complete through the lip, teeth, and palate. He’s post op and beautiful. But it’s a long road with not enough resources and information sometimes. We were lucky. A lot of others aren’t.

5. What kind of recreation is sorely lacking in your town?

I live on O’ahu, so I kind of think of the whole island as a town, since it’s not hard to get from one place to another. Really, there’s is hardly anything lacking, unless you’re into winter sports. There is an ice rink downtown, though.

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3 responses to “friday 5: brainstorming

  1. Mel, that ice rink’s been there since 1982 or so. It’s fun. You should try it.

    I love your bookstore and tea shop ideas. I think every book-lover has longed to own a cute little bookstore.


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