11.3.2022 | Thursday

thursday 13: top lookups on M-W

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The front page of the online Merriam-Websters has a top lookup list that refreshes every thirty seconds. These are the first thirteen words I saw this morning. It’s interesting, some of the choices on this list.

  1. fritz
  2. Elijah
  3. timidly
  4. Jim Crow
  5. clammy
  6. anti-Semitic
  7. conjure
  8. unfortunately
  9. aorta
  11. fleeting
  12. abundance
  13. change
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10 responses to “thursday 13: top lookups on M-W

  1. That is fascinating! I went right over to the site and see some of the same words are still being looked up, along with Ottoman Empire. Then I had to wait and watch it refresh! What a novel 13.


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