11.4.2022 | Friday

friday 5: oops

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1. When have you recently had to correct one of your errors?

Well, I totally missed a plot point in one of the books I’m writing, which meant a huge rewrite. For the better, however!

2. When did you last break something you wish you hadn’t?

I can’t think of anything I’ve broken recently! My husband, however, tried to readjust one of my headlights and broke the casing. That meant a trip to the junkyard in Kapolei for a new one. To be fair, my car is a 1992 Mazda Miata I call Matilda. She’s comfortably vintage, and I love her!

3. When have you taken a wrong turn (literally or figuratively) and found yourself in a better place?

Years ago, I was supposed to be stationed at Fort Jackson, SC. But at the last minute, my orders were changed to Fort Lee, VA. I wasn’t happy about it at first, but in the end, I’m beyond happy about it. That’s how I met my husband, and we’ve been together since!

4. When did you most recently return a purchase to the seller?

I returned some work pants I bought for the hubs. They were supposedly the correct size, but they didn’t fit at all.

5. From whom do you most willingly take correction?

Anyone, as long as it’s constructive, deserved, and delivered respectfully. I don’t think one has to be an ass to deliver critiques.

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