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saturday 9: the promise of a new day

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Saturday 9: New Attitude (1984)

side note: I love me some Patti LaBelle!! This is a great side!

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? See the video and watch it below!

1) In this song, Patti Labelle sings that she feels good from her hat to her shoes. Do you often wear hats or caps?

All the time, in the form of a baseball hat. Especially during hockey season when my New York Rangers hat gets worn a lot. And I always wear one to the beach.

2) The lyrics tell us that Patti’s worries are few. Is anything particular bothering you as you answer these questions?

Just my overall health. Long COVID sucks, plain and simple.

3) The video for this song takes place in a high-end boutique. What’s the most recent article of new clothing you bought, and where did you buy it?

I’m so bougie. Not. I bought a bunch of leggings from Fabletics and a trio of oversized hoodies from Savage Fenty.

4) In 2019, a street in Philadelphia was renamed “Patti LaBelle Way.” At the ceremony, she was referred to as “The Godmother of Soul.” Do you have godparents? If yes, tell us about them.

I do, although I’m not sure they remember that I’m their goddaughter! Steve was an AHL hockey player who was best friends with my dad back in a day. His wife Kathy is a retired teacher. They’re nice people, just absent from my world.

5) Patti dropped out of high school during her senior year. When she was in her mid-30s, she went to night school and earned her diploma. Do you have any diplomas or certificates framed and displayed in your home or office?

Nope. I have a notebook filled with my awards and certs from my time in the US Army. And I have my college diploma, but none of it is displayed.

6) Patti was once engaged to Otis Williams, founder of the Motown super group The Temptations. Who is your favorite Motown recording artist? (Here is a list.)

It would be a toss-up between Gladys Knight & the Pips and Martha and the Vandellas.

7) A diabetic herself, Patti has volunteered her time to organizations that fight the disease. Do you know anyone currently dealing with diabetes?

I have several friends who are diabetic, and my grandfather had it, too.

8) In 1984, when this song was popular, Angela Lansbury premiered in Murder, She Wrote, a show still seen in reruns today. Were you a fan?

Definitely. I used to watch it with my grandparents faithfully. It was our thing.

9) Random question: What’s your secret to a good night’s sleep?

Ha. Funny. I wish I knew. I’m an insomniac. And it bites!

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5 responses to “saturday 9: the promise of a new day

  1. I love it that you shared Murder, She Wrote with your grandparents. A sweet memory.

    Hope you feel better soon. I had covid in 2020, before the vaccine and the therapeutics, and it landed in my gastrointestinal tract, where it stayed for six weeks. My GP was worried that being on a restricted diet for that long wouldn’t be good for my kidneys and guess what — I just had a massive kidney stone. (She knows things, that’s why she went to doctor school.) Anyway, I have tremendous sympathy for what you’re going through and hope you can view it in the rearview mirror soon.

  2. Ugh, long Covid would be awful. I had Covid in July and dealt with some memory issues up until recently. Nothing major, but enough to make me wonder if I was beginning the slide into dementia, so I am very glad it has finally cleared up. I hope you are able to move on from it soon, too.


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