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That’s the word for how I feel.

Elections in this time and in this country are about social issues more than anything else. Elections are about human rights. About the rights of women’s bodily autonomy. About the rights of the BIPOC community. About the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. About freedom of faith and ideology.

But for conservatives, it’s about faith-based politics, using religion as a weapon to exert power and control over people, even if they don’t share the same ideology. Simply put, this party and those who support it are placing themselves in the role of diety over the populus. And with that, they are making a very clear statement about the foundation of their mission.

If you are not a straight, white, evangelical Christian, cisgender male, you do not have value as a human being.

To this group of people…

  • if you are gay, you should not be allowed marital benefits.
  • if you are trans, you are an abomination.
  • if you are <insert other religions here>, your personal beliefs do not matter. Only our evangelical Christianity has any value.
  • if you are BIPOC, your skin color makes you less than, so we are going to do what we can to restrict your access to education, healthcare, and voting, to any opportunities.
  • if you are a woman, you have no right to decide what happens to your body. Your body is not yours; it’s ours to control.

Any argument that elections now are about anything other than human rights is a blatant lie. It is a lie told by people who don’t want to admit that they are all kinds of -phobic and -ist about a multitude of communities and ideologies. A message to these people…

You are not fooling anyone. We see you for what you are.

There’s been a lot of sanctomonious blither about x-ing people out of one’s life because of politics, the idea that one is so evolved that differing political leanings aren’t enough to end relationships. To that, I call bullshit. At that point, it isn’t about ending relationships because of political beliefs. It’s about ending relationships because there are a fundamental and moral differences in beliefs. There is no common ground when it comes to human rights.

You fight for ALL people.

Was it the red wave the conservatives wanted to believe would happen? Perhaps not. But these races are still far closer than they should be. You cannot claim to be a decent person and refuse to stand up for all people. The fact that it has been so close shows us all just how many out there do not give a damn about their fellow human beings.

Let me say it loudly, for the conservatives who can’t hear anything beyond the sounds of their own voices…

No one is asking you to change your beliefs/religion.

  • Yet you are trying to force others to change their beliefs/religion, at the very least to live under your beliefs/religion. Because you arrogantly place your beliefs/religion above all others.

You are being asked to let people make their own choices about their bodies, beliefs/religion, and family make-up.

  • You are being asked to not unduly affect change to oppress others based on race, color, creed, gender, etc. What others do with their lives, the decisions they make, do NOT affect your personal lives.

If you truly believe these things are wrong, that is your right. But perhaps instead of putting yourself in the place of your God, you should allow Him to judge these people and worry about how you, in the end, will be judged.

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