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tuesday talk & a meme…

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tuesday talk

Nothing is more fun than waking up to an email from your ex-husband, who has been your ex for roughly 25 years. This is a man who did not understand the concept of monogamy from almost the very beginning. This is a man who, on our first anniversary, refused to go out to dinner because it was “too expensive” and then went out with his friends, who included a woman with whom he’d been messing around. The day I got out of the hospital after having our child, our first stop was his motor pool (we were both in the Army) where he immediately handed our child to one of his female soldiers. Later, I found out she was one of his paramours, even seeing her at our house while I was in class and while my son was there. So, yeah. Not my favorite person. Nonetheless, we had an amicable divorce.

Fast forward, our kid is 26 years old. And he has not seen him since he was about three months old. His choice, not mine. He’s paid exactly one month of child support, and that was 23 years ago. Lines of communication have always been open between me and him and just about all of his family, but he’s never tried to see him. Only in the last several years has he even made the vaguest of efforts of talking to him. There’s been one short IM convo on the Book of Face. Now he’s decided to delete that and sent me a rather stilted and admonishing IM with his email and phone number, telling me he’d sent it to my kid, who didn’t respond. Well, I’ve told him before my kid never goes on Facebook, so yeah. And I didn’t get even this IM until after he’d deleted his account, so I couldn’t have answered even if I’d wanted to. Which I didn’t. So now I have an email from him that essentially demands my contact info and my son’s. Good luck with that. For one thing, I owe him nothing. For another, my son is a grown-ass man, and he wants nothing to do with his bio dad. That’s his choice, and I can only respect it. Nor can I blame him. He doesn’t know the man at all, which is fully my ex’s own fault.

However, I suspect that this won’t be the last email I get. Lovely.

tuesday 4

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Just Wondering

1.   When was the last time you tried something new?

I honestly don’t know. Maybe when I started to teach myself Swedish?

2.   Who in your family do you compare yourself to?

I don’t really. The advantage of being the rebel, feral child is that I am so different from the rest of my family that it would be like comparing apples to elephants!

3.   What lesson in life did you learn the hard way?

I learned to pay attention to the red flags that people wave. In romantic relationships or friendships, those red flags are important.

4.   What can you do today that you weren’t able to do before?

With age comes the delightful lack of giving a damn about what other people thing about me.

three things… fall books I want to read this year

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  1. reading:
    • The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec
    • The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
    • Storm Breaking by Mercedes Lackey
    • Freaky Witches by Amanda M. Lee
    • Happily Haunted Afters by Brittany Kelley
  2. listening True Crime All the Time Unsolved podcast
  3. writing: romantic suspense
  4. making: wolpentinger
  5. loving: my much-need cup of morning coffee
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