11.17.2023 | Friday

friday 5… roll the bones

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1. How do you feel about gambling?

As an overall feeling, it can be dangerous, the thrill and the excitement enticing. On a personal level, I don’t really feel any type of way. I’ve been to Reno and Vegas, been to the casinos. I’m that boring person that goes on the floor with a set amount of money. That’s my gambling money. Any winnings get set aside and aren’t used for any more gambling. That way I never lose more than I bring in. That being said… I once won over $1500 on a $.50 drop in a slot machine in Reno. In an IHop. The next day, I won another $2200 on another $.50 drop on another slot machine, this one at Circus Circus. That was back in the early 90s. Do scratch-off’s count? My top win on one of those was $25 on a Lucky 7s card.

2. Which casino-type game do you most enjoy?

I’m boring. I’ll stick with a slot machine.

3. What’s the riskiest thing you’ve done recently?

Sadly, nothing of note. Back in a day, I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie, which was invariably risky. Demolition derbies, drag racing, bungie jumping, skydiving. Basically, if it was dangerous, I was all in.

4. What are the chances this will be a terrific weekend for you?

Terrific might be a strong word, but I give it 80% chance of being lovely.

5. What’s your favorite (gambling or not gambling) card game?

We’re big fans of games in this house… online, board, PC, cards. We have three top contenders… Exploding Kittens with all the expansion packs, Dutch Blitz, and Bullshit. Honorable mention… 7-card gin rummy or 7-card layout rummy.

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2 responses to “friday 5… roll the bones

  1. i had a friend who lived in reno. when times were lean, she’d set aside enough money for instant ramen and a veggie (or something) then also designate some cash for the slots at the 7-Eleven (slots in convenience stores! i would love this in hawaii!). if she won, she’d buy herself something better for dinner. if she lost, at least she had ramen and a veggie to take home. :)

    i honestly don’t think that’s a bad way to live when you’re struggling. seems like each day would bring a little bit of hope for something a little more exciting.


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