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thursday 13: full moons of 2023

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2023 has been a celestial year with 13 full moons, 4 of which are supermoons. The next time we will have 13 is in 2026, with a blue moon in May. My list is based on the northern hemisphere.

  1. 6 January: Wolf Moon. The Wolf Moon’s name is inspired by the sound of hungry wolves. It is the full moon in Cancer.
  2. 5 February: Snow Moon. The Snow Moon refers to the snow that traditionally blankets the ground in the northern hemisphere at this time. This one is the full moon in Leo.
  3. 7 March: Worm Moon. The Worm Moon is named after the earthworms in the ground that herald the coming thaw. This full moon is in Virgo.
  4. 6 April: Pink Moon. The Pink Moon honors the blossoming of pink wildflowers. This moon is in Libra.
  5. 5 May: Flower Moon. The Flower Moon refers to the blooming of spring flowers. This full moon is in Scorpio.
  6. 4 June: Strawberry Moon. The Strawberry Moon honors the beginning of the strawberry harvest season. This moon is in Sagittarius.
  7. 3 July: Super Buck Moon. The Buck Moon refers to the new-growth antlers on bucks. This moon was a supermoon, which is when a full moon occurs at the point of its orbit that is closest to the Earth. This full moon is in Capricorn.
  8. 1 August: Super Sturgeon Moon. The Sturgeon Moon is named for the abundant sturgeon fish in the rivers. The second super moon of the year. This moon is in Aquarius.
  9. 31 August: Super Blue Moon. A Blue Moon comes from a 16th-century expression, “the moon is blue,” meaning something that was impossible. The third super moon. This moon is in Pisces.
  10. 29 September: Super Corn (Harvest) Moon. The Harvest, or Corn, Moon heralds the beginning of the corn harvest season. The last super moon of the year. This full moon is in Aries.
  11. 28 October: Hunter’s Moon. The Hunter’s Moon signifies hunting season before winter begins. This moon is in Taurus.
  12. 27 November: Beaver Moon. The Beaver Moon refers to the time when beavers build their winter dams. This moon is in Gemini.
  13. 27 December: Cold Moon. The Cold Moon referst to the cold of winter. This full moon is in Cancer.
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