12.1.2023 | Friday

friday 5… relish the thought

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1. With whom have you recently had beef?

My brother, although I doubt he realizes that I have beef with him. It’s more like a beef slider rather than a full side of cow, though.

2. What might you never ketchup on?

My TBR. There’s really no “might” about it. I would have to live a dozen lives.

3. Which of your tasks this week was especially well done?

My annual overhaul of spreadsheets for 2024. Am I a nerd? Yes, I am. I’m also fine with it. I have Google spreadsheets for many things. Meal planning, bills, tracking TV shows, movies, and podcasts I want to binge, fitness and weight loss, Christmas, crafty projects, work invoices, my novel planning (although those are by project rather than by year). My favorite, and nerdiest, is my reading spreadsheet. It’s lit.

4. When has a complete stranger gotten up in your grill?

It’s happened but not recently. I frequently get dirty looks for, God forbid, still wearing a mask indoors in public places. You do you, I do me. And me wears a mask. COVID kicked my ass, and I’m still suffering the side effects more than a year later. I live in tourist country… no interest in catching it again.

5. What’s the cheesiest thing you’ve recently enjoyed?

Christmas movies with my kid. They’re terrible, and we know it. But it’s become part of our traditions. So we watch. We have an ever expanding rotation that must be watched amid the new picks every year.

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2 responses to “friday 5… relish the thought

  1. Syl

    I have an agenda…that’s all. The only lists and/ or spreadsheets I make are for the meme: Thursday 13.

    You just wear a mask whenever and where ever you want.
    My daughter does too. She is vulnerable and doesn’t want to pay for the carelessness of others.


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