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Camou News, Cheetah Girl & Old Friends

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Poor hubby!
Having only a few minutes, Corey called me this morning, still waiting to make his final move to the FOB he is going to.  After the events of the last few days, it was beyond good for me to hear his voice.  He asked me how I was and, of course, I lost it.  He was so sweet and kind, but I feel like a heel for crying on him and laying it all on him.  But it did my heart good to hear from him.  :soldier:   :inlove:

I am a Cheetah Girl!
Not of the Disney, teenybopper variety, nor a proud one, but a cheetah a girl nonetheless. That is what happens when you inadvertantly buy the wrong hair stripper. I used two boxes on my black hair and I ended up with shades of orange, brown, and black. Very hot. So the intended blonde was definately OUT of the question!  I had a box of red on hand, so back to red I went.  I ended up with some undetermined color, something between brown and red.  But it was a start, I thought!  Until I realized the back was all kinds of splotchy.  Very nice.  So the next day found me wearing a baseball hat.  And making yet another trip to the store for more hair dye in a darker version of red and a more expensive brand.  I have now re-dyed it and, while not perfect, it is definately an improvement, and I can go out in public without the bag over my head.  Yay for me!  :highfive:


Old friends revisited,…
I have been on Facebook  :-P   for a couple years, but since this summer, I have met up with friends from school days that I hadn’t seen in YEARS.  Growing up, until the end of 9th grade, I went to school in my hometown, Potsdam.  My mom taught at a high school in the next district and I went there for the last three years.  Both 20 year reunions should have been this past summer, but only Potsdam had theres, which I went to with my old friend Selina, who I hadn’t seen in about 17 years.  I met up with people there that I hadn’t seen since school and it was a good thing.  Since then, Facebook seems to have exploded with school friends.  Not just the Potsdam ones I met up with this summer, but my Norwood friends, too.  I am suddenly talking to people I haven’t talked to in forever. 


My “friends” list is kind of an overview of my life, between school friends and friends I made through my time in the Army.  I have Selina, who was one of my closest friends, even though we appeared to be as different as humanly possible.  I have both of my high school best friends, Susan and Ginny, on there, too.  And then the ex’s.  I have one that just friended me, who both Selina and I dated, not always at different times, although it was years before we knew that little tidbit.  And there is the sister of another guy that Selina and I both dated, too!  Then there is an old Army friend, another ex, who it took me YEARS to get over and whom I at one time thought was the love of my life.  Both of us are happily married to other people, but he will always have a special place in my heart, being one who remained my friend.  Then there are is the one that I never really dated with, but am not quite sure why!  And yet we are still very close friends, despite the fact that he is usually in some foreign and exotic place.  There is another guy on there, a guy I am surprised would even be my friend, even on Facebook!  I was the typical teenage girl, completely in crush with him and I am pretty sure I made his life miserable.  I ran into him about 6 years after school and was STILL embarrassed.  :blush:   But he is a nice guy, married to a beautiful woman and expecting his first child.  Then another old friend, a few years older, whom I discovered had once liked me, but never thought he had a chance.  Interesting, since I had definately been interested in him, too, thinking I never had a chance with him!!  But talking to him was so great, because it was like it was just yesterday and he is as open-minded and intelligent as ever.  And then there is my friend Nini who is the only person besides my grandparents that ever got away with calling me Kimmie!  I saw her this summer at a fair and she still called me that!  It is kind of a joke, since she is Phillipino in and my nickname in that language is a colloquial term for one’s lady parts!!  And Delma, who I actually met in SC when I went back into the Army.  We ended up on the same post, in the same company, in VA, and became friends.  She will forever be a part of my family since she is integral to the story of Corey and I in many ways!


And these are just a few of my friends.  There are a lot of others on there that mean a lot to me, both on and offline.  I just thought it was interesting to look at them all and realize where I was in my life in the times I met them.  :rotfl:

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  1. Jess

    hey you! YAY you heard from your hubby. I am so glad! And I am so glad to hear that you were able to let your feelings out and that he was there for you! lots of love missy!


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