1.29.2009 | Thursday

Kid drama

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What the hell was he THINKING?
This is what I was asking myself yesterday morning when Scott’s principal called.  Apparently my usually well-behaved son has been a minion of Satan on the bus.  Donovan rides the bus in the mornings, except for Wednesdays, and he hasn’t seen a thing, so I am guessing he usually reserves it for after Donovan is dropped at the high school or on the ride home.  It seems that he can get rather loud on the bus and then doesn’t listen when the monitors tell him to shut it.  This happened before and the school decided to handle it themselves rather than call me and tell me.  So, when she called yesterday, it was a complete surprise.  Another kid was involved and I guess they got annoyed with one another and started throwing hats and gloves at each other.  So they were thrown off the bus for today.  I was SO not happy with him and he knows it.  That kind of BS is NOT allowed.  So, I was out and about this morning to take him to school, which of course, is the farthest of the three schools my kids go to.  GRRR!  And, of course, that couldn’t be the end of it.  As we were heading out of town, one of my wipers decided to break and flew off my car, hitting a passing kid in the back.  Yeah, I felt stupid.  No harm, no foul, but still!  So upon returning to town, I made a stop at the auto parts store and bought fancy new ones and finally made it home to hot coffee.

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3 responses to “Kid drama

  1. hahaha I know I shouldn’t laugh but if you read it from here it’s quite funny… Oh Kiki your life is so vibrant even though you probably don’t think so……..

    I hope your day gets better lol :rose:

  2. One really can’t help but laugh about the windshield wiper…it really is quite funny! :)

    The school should have called you the first time this was an issue with your son…so that you could handle it. I’m sure this is “a phase”. Isn’t everything a phase? That’s what everyone always tells me!


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