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News from the front and otehr random this of (non)interest!

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GI Joe Corey Updates
So, the man has been on the move, spending a day right back where he started at his first place of duty once hitting Afghanistan!  It is like a virus, that place.  Much like Fort Drum, once you are there, it is next to impossible to escape!  But the up side was that they actually had phones that he had access to and I got to talk to him for more than 3 minutes.  I got almost 5!!  Okay, a little sarcasm, but since I probably hear from my hubs less than a lot of them, I earned it!  The joys of being the wife of an NCO, I guess!  The down side was that he first called at 0430!  But sacrificing sleep is a small price to pay.  I got another call this morning, for mere moments, once he arrived in one of the many FOBs that were his stomping grounds during the last vacation deployment.  He is doing well, but ready to really get into it and get started.


Crazy busy weekends = crazy busy Kiki
I spent most of Saturday running around like the proverbial chicken with a decapitated head.  I had to be up by 0900, which in and of itself is no big deal.  But I also had to be clean and presentable and out in public, which is a whole lot different from being awake, in PJs with bed head and pre-shower morning breath!  Sir Donovan had play practice so I got to be the lucky chauffeur.  Yay, me!  So I decided to do the grocery shopping while I was out, since I would have to be back at the school to pick him and assorted friends up for lunch.  I HATE grocery shopping but fortunately for me, my phone has an MP3 player and I actually remembered my ear buds, so I rocked out while doin’ my thing.   I did have a funny moment, though.  Some smokin’ hot man in the store asked me what I was listening to, so I told him, Metallica.  Whereupon he informed me that he loved me, would I leave my husband and marry him.  Apparently music taste is important criteria when looking for a mate for himself.  Too funny!


Then it was back to the school to pick up Donovan and his friends Olivia and Amanda, and Amanda’s sister.  Being the amazingly wonderful mom that I am, I treated them all to lunch before depositing them back at school for more practice until 1400.  Fortunately, I had a repreive from chaufferring duties, since he had a meet after practice.  Of course, having a meet also meant I was back out in the tundra at 1100 that night picking him up!  I could have done without that!

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  1. My oh my..and I thought I was busy. Oh the joys of having a teenager huh? I’ve not started that stuff yet…and even when it does start I’m lucky enough to not have the car till long after dark each night!


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