3.9.2009 | Monday

One of those days,…

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Sometimes it’s the little things,…
That either make you want to cry, to laugh, to smile, or to scream, sometimes at the same time!!  This morning Ty came to say good-bye to me before heading out to the bus with his brothers and he was too cute.  He came over, took my hand, got down on one knee with a flourish, and kissed my hand.  Then he looked up at me with his big, blue eyes and said in his best knightly voice, “I love you, My Mama!”.  He was so sweet I wanted a spoon so I could eat him him up.  He made me teary and I just had to laugh.  Gotta love the little guy!  Then he handed me his teddy bear and told me to put it on my desk so I wouldn’t be lonely while he was gone.    No idea what brought all this on, but I’ll take it!  And then discovering parts of Donovan’s script still sitting in piles all over the house after I told him to pick them up repeatedly just made me want to scream.  We had a bit of a conversation AGAIN about organization, and not 2 hours later I get a text from him.  Why?  Because he forgot he had swimming today and didn’t have his stuff.  AARRGGHHH! 

On the things that make me smile side, I got a surprise yesterday.  KNowing I had had a rough couple of weeks, I got a big bouquet of roses and lilies from my friend Chris.  They were a complete surprise and they are BEAUTIFUL.

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  1. Awww that is so sweet of Ty! Austin does stuff like that and it makes me feel the same way yu did ! And grr abuot Donovan and his unorganization. Maybe one day right? And what a great surprise to get flowers ! That was just so sweet !


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