3.20.2009 | Friday

Breakdowns and hazardous duty pay!

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Feeling a little less out of sorts,…
For the moment, I think I have gotten over my “f&%k my life” feeling.  Getting a little blog love from Jana, Selina, and Jess made me feel better, too.  Jana is psychologist and she didn’t immediately suggest that I be committed, so that helps!  I still think Corey is right, though, about why I feel the way I do.  I have never given myself the chance to really let go and grieve the way I probably need to.  I think it is more than greiving, though.  I think I just kind of feel beaten down.  So much has happened over the last 9 years with barely a break in between.  One person can only take so much!!

Hazardous duty pay for moms!
I truly think that moms deserve this pay.  There is no telling what nastiness moms have to deal with to properly take care of their kids.  And boys?  Even nastier!  You are exposed to all manners of disgusting bodily fluids, all for no pay.  The love of and for your child is wonderful,… but is it enough when you are cleaning nasty vomit from your living room carpet?  I hesitate to say that it is, and I speak from recent personal experience, thanks to Ka’lani.  He appears to be suffering from some nasty flu bug, which is an experience that neither one of us is enjoying.  What I would enjoy is no vomit and lots of sleep,… without interruptions!

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2 responses to “Breakdowns and hazardous duty pay!

  1. Jess

    OMG grrrrreat idea. I know i am no a mommy yet but I am sure i will be looking for some major paychecks comin my way hahaha. you too funny =)

  2. Hiya Kiki, just coming by for a visit and let ya know that I was thinking about ya sweetie! I also finally moved my blog over to wordpress tonight. I’ve missed having WP. It sucks that I can’t use an external theme for my blog other than the crappy ones that wp supplies to ya…lol. Is there a way that if I had someone make me a theme, that I could use it even though WP is hosting my blog? If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know..sorry for writing a short novel..just inquisitive, that’s all. Take care and Goddess Bless always! :yinyang: :flagus: :moon: :heart:


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