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Weekend Wrapup

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My broken blog
I woke up yesterday to a broken blog, and I have absolutely no clue how it happened.  Somehow the “.php” files for most of my plugins were deleted off my server.  I didn’t do it and I don’t have any idea how or why that could have happened.  Because of the plugin installer that comes with the newer versions of WordPress, I no longer have most of the plugins on my hard drive so I couldn’t just upload the missing files.  It was time consuming, but not a big deal and everything seems to be working again.  The biggest problem was remembering everything I had!!  I just wish I knew how it happened in the first place.  Very weird!

Michael Kai
I went to my sister’s baby shower Saturday and finally got to see my beautiful nephew.  He is so tiny but he is adorable.  Auntie Kim spent a great deal of time cuddling and loving and kissing Mr. Michael!  He is so sweet, just like every baby.  He has lost a few ounces since birth and is just under 6lbs now, but perfect in every way!  And my sister?!  The epitome of the fierce Mama! 

The Scarlet Pimpernel
I went to Donovan’s play both Friday and Saturday night and it was fantastic!  They really go all out for their productions and it shows.  The kids work so hard and that shows, too.  I really like that they involve the townspeople in the productions, too, on and off stage.  This year, they had three men from the village in the play, including a local lawyer friend of my fathers.  The orchestra is formed by mixing students with people from the village as well.  These kids are just unbelievable, both with the incredible voices and their ability to throw themselves into the role.  The confidence it takes to get up there and do what they do impresses me, because I certainly didn’t have that when I was that age.  There was a scene in which the Pimpernel and 7 of his cronies are plotting to rescue the French headed for the guillotine.  In order to carry it off, they decided that they needed to disguise themselves as the dandies of that era.  The song and dance that went with it truly required them to have supreme confidence in their masculinity.  And they did a TERRIFIC job of it!  I will have pictures soon!

A very long weekend,…
Between the baby shower and the play, it was a very long and exhausting weekend.  After the play Friday, Donovan and a bunch of the other play people headed to a friend’s house for a little party until 1 am, and there was a cast party the next night, too.  All of this after a couple of grueling weeks of long practices and late nights.  So I am ready for sleep!

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  1. Awwww yay for seeing the baby! Too bad your blog broke. .. i wonder how that happened ?! Amd I was in the school plays in high school, they were always such fun!


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