3.24.2009 | Tuesday

I shoulda stayed in bed!

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Holy bus drama, Batman!
I sent the youngest three out to their bus this morning, unaware that drama was about to ensue.  In the midst of trying to tame Donovan’s wild hair (insane amounts of hair spray and a crazy ‘do for the play really screwed with it!) with the flat iron, I realized the phone was ringing.  I ran for it, tripped over my own foot, slammed my face into the door jamb,… and missed it!  Of course.  But I have an answering machine and soon heard that the bus driver wanted me to come out to the stop.  WTF?  All I could think of was that some was puking, bleeding, or all of the above.  No, it was none of the above.  It was Ty, who had refused momentarily to get on the bus.  Fabulous.  I have no idea what set him off, and neither did the driver.  He didn’t throw a screaming fit or anything, just refused to climb on.  By the time I got there, he was on.  He has had bullying problems on the bus (and at school) before so I assume that might have been the problem this morning.  Upon talking to the driver, I discovered that, although I had already talked to the school principal AND the teacher about it multiple times, no one had passed it on the bus driver so he knew nothing about it.  He was really nice about it, just very concerned.

Imagine my surprise, however, when a couple of hours later, I had a knock at my door and it was the driver.  As it turns out, he told the monitor that the bully was Scott.  But that makes zero sense, since he doesn’t sit with or even near him on either bus to their school, so I have no clue why Ty would say that.  He sits with Ka’lani on the first bus and Ka’lani has been seen (including today) rough housing with him on the bus, which is completely inappropriate on Ka’lani’s part.  But, wrong as he may be, he isn’t the bully.  So I am at a loss as to what the issue is, but I will certainly be sitting these boys down tonight and talking to them.  We have been over the bully thing before and none of them know the kid’s name or where he lives.  But, be that as it may, rough housing on the bus is inappropriate and there will be none of that.  So, fun will be had by all, I am sure!

What is it with people and unnecessary attitude?  This isn’t the first time I have bitched about this and I am sure it won’t be the last, but what the hell?  I am so sick of people who act inappropriately and then get pissy if you don’t play along.  And then you have those that ask you for help or for information and when you give it to them, if it isn’t what they wanted to hear, they argue with you about it, tell you that you are wrong, and give you no end of shit.  Well, if they know so much, why the hell are they asking in the first place?!  And God forbid if you stand up for yourself and say something about the attitude!  Then you are the biggest bitch in the world!  Why?  Because I refuse to be disrespected and shit on when I don’t deserve it?!  Excuse the hell out of me!

 Hysterical video!
I saw a great video posted on Ryan Seacrest’s twitter, Rapping Flight Attendant!  I want to fly on this guy’s flight!

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