5.6.2009 | Wednesday

Photos Galore!

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Spring Concert, Part Deux
Last night was Ka’lani’s spring concert, and he was looking all kinds of studly! I took the three youngest for haircuts after school, so he was newly shorn and looking good! I got to meet his girlfriend, too, and she was very nice, which made me happy.  She is labeled in the third photo below.  The first two were funny, Ka’lani trying to pose like he was the next big thing!  You can click on the thumbnails below to see the pics full-sized!

Ka'lani, looking fly!Ka'lani, future male model!Singing up a storm!Doing the Macarena!My guy!

Track & Photos!
I wondered how well my camera would work at the track meets, taking action shots of Donovan running.  I took this one from across the track, at a high resolution.  Once I cropped it to size, it definately wasn’t too bad, considering how fast they were running.  This one is during the 2-mile race, in which he came in second.  He ran against the same people in the 1-mile, and also came in second.  They were both very exciting races, and I was pretty impressed with how close Donovan came to coming in first.  The guy who came in first had ridiculously long legs, WAY taller than Donovan but he completely kept up, actually ahead of him for most of both races.  The second photo is Donovan’s self-portrait, taken sweaty and nasty after the meet!  The photos below are clickable.

Donovan running the 2-mile!Donovan's self-portrait, all nasty from his meet!

Scott & his women!
Scott no longer thinks girls are yucky, apparently!  Or at least, celebrity girls aren’t icky!  He has, all of a sudden, become an avid Dancing with the Stars fan, being in love with Lil Kim.  He has NO idea who she is, doesn’t know her music, but he decided she was HOT!  Great, my son is into convicted felons!!  He thinks it is hysterical that Bruno tells her that she has a bionic booty.  He is going to be most upset when he realizes she was voted off last night!!  He also has become a fan of American Idol, not so much for the music, but for Alison, whom he also is in love with.  At least this one, at 16, is slightly more age appropriate and is, more importantly, NOT a convicted felon!  He laid on the couch last night, watching every move Miss Alison made.  He is too funny about it.  I think Noelani was jealous that his devotions wandered from her, however!  She hopped on the couch with him and did everything she could do to get his attention, all to no avail!  At one point, she sprawled across his back, her head resting on his butt.  He sat up for awhile and she sat as close to him as humanly dogly possible and rested her head on his chest and stared at him.  I tried to take a picture, but she moved when I reached for the camera, so here are some random pictures, both of which are clickable!

Scott & Noelani, cuddling cuties!Scott, Super Stud!


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