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Thank God for Monday!

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The weekend is OVER!
I really don’t think I have ever been so relieved to have a weekend be over as I am today!  Between way too little sleep and way too much kid drama, I am wiped out.  I spent a good portion of yesterday bawling my brains out from just sheer frustration and exhaustion.  I read a lot of “mom blogs” and they give me a major complex.  They are always so sunshiney and flowery, all “happy, happy, joy, joy” and my life is definately NOT like that!  Either these moms have robot children or they themselves are robots.  Either that, or they have some kick-ass dealers that keep them in happy pills.  My weekend was anything but sunshiney and flowery.  Especially since I spent a good deal of it either wanting to run away or to slam my head against the wall.

It wasn’t all bad, though!  I spent part of Saturday morning at the salon.  Donovan needed a hair cut before his hot date that night and Chalaine (the owner) wanted to do a bit of color correction to my newly blonde hair and give me a trim.  She used this stuff called Prizms Plus by Matrix, which is a glaze that brightens up your hair without changing the color of it.  All the stripping to make me blonde had messed up the ends of my hair in my bangs and on one side of my face, so that all had to be trimmed out.  It is definately choppier and changed the look of my cut some, but my hair grows fast and it isn’t anything I can’t live with.  In the process of all this, I somehow became her beauty plaything.  The next thing I know, she had whipped out her makeup bag and was trying things with my face, wll of which I LOVED.  I had just been in a couple days before for a pedi and a brow wax, and she decided that they needed a tweak, which I was less than happy about!  I hate, HATE, HATE having my brows waxed, since that skin is beyond sensitive.  But they DO look even better, so I guess I can’t completely bitch about it!

I got to babysit that night, too, which, despite how it sounds, was a GREAT thing!  After all, they were all in bed asleep AND they have a nice big flat-screen and DVR.  So I was a happy camper, in a silent house, with nothing but the TV and a good book to keep me company!  Donovan came over when he got home from his date, and he came bearing gifts, which is always a good thing!  He brought me two Lisa Scottoline books, Final Appeal and Devil’s Corner, the first of which I started last night and it is great so far.  He also bought me a 4-pack of magnetic book marks.  They are SOOO cute, little monsters!

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  1. Nice on the babysitting! That must have felt good, having that down time!!!

    Got a question… Wanting to make something for Derric’s teachers before school gets out, or that they can have once school starts back up, but having a hard time with ideas… Would you have any? Or at least be able to point me in a direction to look?


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