6.5.2009 | Friday

*&^#*^#$^ Mothers

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And I wonder,…
How the hell does someone get investigated by Child Services, think it’s funny, and still not learn a thing?  Alternate reality?  Complete lack of functioning brain cells?  Instead, nothing changes and, if anything, it gets worse!!  My friend, UTAO (Used & Taken Advantage Of) Mom, used to watch the children of DA (Dumb Ass) Mom on a regular basis.  But DA Mama has been so disrespectful, irresponsible (to include not paying when she is supposed to) and unreliable that UTAO Mom has had to put some rules in place.  One of which is that DA Mom must ask UTAO Mom AHEAD of time if she wants her to watch the kids, not just assume that she will without a word.  UTAO Mom told her clearly that she will always assume that she is NOT responsible for watching her children UNLESS DA Mom comes and asks her specifically.  Too many times UTAO Mom has been left with DA Mom changing plans at the last minute and not telling her, leaving her with no kids.  And there have been even more times when UTAO Mom was NOT supposed to be watching them and has ended up with them by default because DA Mom is nowhere to be found.  This morning was one of those days.  DA Mom apparently left for work, leaving all three kids asleep in their apartment alone, all ages 5 and under.  Bus time came and went and UTAO Mom heard a knock at the door.  It was the oldest son of DA Mom, a kindergartener who had missed her bus.  His mother hadn’t woken him up and told him to get ready, hadn’t told him to got to UTAO Mom’s apartment to go to the bus, hadn’t told UTAO Mom that she was watching the other two for the day.  Nothing.  What the hell?  And as it happened, UTAO Mom had no car today so guess who had to take him to school?  Yeah, that would be me.  Not a problem, but what the hell?  At the moment, we have no idea what the hell is going on, when she is going to be home, nothing.  UTAO Mom has the two younger kids at her place, and I guess DA Mom expects her to keep the third when he gets home from school.  All well and good but UTAO Mom has to go to her other job at 5pm, so what then?!  DA Mom isn’t usually home until after that, so what the hell does she think is going to happen to her kids then?  Oh, yeah, that I will take them. 

And she is right, I will.  What the hell else could I do?  She knows none of us would let little kids hang, so she uses the hell out of that, especially with UTAO Mom, who is mad as hell.  It is just disrespectful and irresponsible.

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