6.8.2009 | Monday

I hate my cats.

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Anyone know of a good recipe or pattern utilizing a cat, or two cats?  Since I don’t know which of the little shits is the culprit, I have sentenced them both as guilty, if nothing else, than by association of species.  I had a big clean load of laundry from yesterday and another from today, both residing in the same ginormous laundry basket, the result of my major domestic duty.  It spent most of the morning, lying in wait just feet from my desk.  Apparently, one or both of the little snots has learned the value of stealth, because I never saw either one of them near it.  So, being completely ignorant of the suprise that awaited me, I sorted it all out into each kids’ basket and into my own.  I not-so-happily did my duty and folded everything, right down to the last basket, Ty’s basket.  And therein laid my surprise.  A disgustingly wet, smelly shirt.  Since all of the clean laundry had been together in one basket and I had just sorted it all, the contamination HAD to have taken place in the big basket.  But that begs the question,… how the hell did I not notice either the overwhelming smell or the vile wetness?!  The only answer, other than my inattention to detail and inherent stupidity, is that Stealth Cat somehow managed to let it rip in the brief moment that I turned my back on the sorted baskets.  But that would mean that the cat had also learned super speed in addition to stealth.  So I guess that leaves me as unobservant and dumber than a rock.  And redoing 2 loads of motherf*&king laundry.

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  1. You can have another cat to add to the guilty corner. We have a cat that is very naughty. I would get rid of him, but all four kids love him so much. We have had him for 9 years, but he’s a pain in the butt. If the boys leave clothes on the floor in their room or bathroom, of course you know they will, he pees on them. He will also do that on a few other things. I feel for you. They are sneaky animals. I feel bad, but I can’t wait until he’s gone. I am sick of the urine smell and cleaning up or washing clothes a couple times to make sure they smell is gone. I hope that yours don’t do that again and that your day got better. Love your new Auntie pictures. Take care.


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