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Sick kids & a broken Santa

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The revolving door of sick children!
Monday began with the exhausting process of waking up unwilling bed bugs who take my waking them up as a personal insult and an example of my neglect.  Clearly the concept of a good education does not count as a legitmate reason to get up.  Finally, Children #2-4 were laundered, fed, and ready to leave for the big yellow bus that transports them to school, where they become someone else’s problem delight for a few hours.  Mere seconds before departure, Child #4 informed me that his stomach hurts.  My radar immediately went up and I had zero faith in my child that he is, in fact, telling me the truth.  BUT experience with said problem delight has proven to me that I should take him at his word and keep him home.  EVERY time I choose to ignore him, I end up having to pick him up from school.  So Child #4 got his way and stayed home with me, his lovely mother.  The phone rang at about 11am and it was the nurse at Child #2’s school, informing me that said child had a fever.  So Child #4 and I immediately went to the school and retrieved Child #2, who spent the rest of the afternoon doing a fine imitation of a couch garden (he was lazy enough for several vegetables). 

Moving on to Tuesday.  Still having a fever, Child #2 stayed home, sleeping in late and causing me great resentment because I couldn’t sleep in late, too.  Be that as it may, Children #1 and #3-4 departed for school.  By 11m today, the school nurse of Child #3 called,  informaing that said problem delight was running a low grade fever, was really out of it and had a very sore throat.  So, off I went to retrieve him.  So now I have a houseful of cranky sick boys.  Delightful.

On another note,…
My dad is in the hospital for an undetermined length of time.  Last Saturday, he fell down the back steps at his house, which are cement, leading to a cement patio.  He landed on his knee, causing all kinds of horrific pain.  But my dad, although brilliant in intelligence, does not always possess the proper amount of common sense.  So, he didn’t seek medical attention.  Let’s just say that my dad is a large man, with a body shape closely resembling that of Santa Claus, with no extra pillows needed.  So that kind of weight on bended knee, slamming into concrete?  Not a good thing.  As the week progressed, the knee apparently started to present bruising in numerous shades of black, green and purple, and his leg quickly took on the appearance of an overstuffed kielbasa.  Good in a food product, not in a leg.  So between the nagging bitching loving coaxing from his wife and other friends, he took himself to the ER last night.  He had x-rays and soft tissue scans, which showed no fractures or soft tissue damage.  However, when one’s leg is looking like a supersized sausage, how accurate can that be?!  It was discovered that he did have an infection so they decided to admit him.  That is a bit of a process when you are a busy attorney with a billion active cases in court.  But a man of leisure he is at the moment, receiving a multitude of superpowered antibiotics as they continue to diagnose him.  Apparently no one can agree on the extent and nature of the damage, so he may end up being there for a few days after all.  The problem is that he has the circulation of a cadaver and has diabetes, neither of which is conducive to healing and infections.  So we wait. 

10 Favorite Things to do During “Me” time

1.  Take a long bath with no interruptions!
2.  Give myself a mani/pedi or go get one.
3.  Read a good book in peace!
4.  Surf the net.
5.  Play WoW.
6.  Go to the coffee shop and read and get my favorite cup of java.
7.  Watch a movie of MY choice!
8.  Sleep.
9.  Get a massage.
10.  Get a facial.

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