9.19.2009 | Saturday

Goose poop & icy windows,…

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Both are tell tale signs that fall has come to Northern New York. The Canadian geese hold one of their biannual conventions in a big field not too far from here, and I can hear them ALL NIGHT AND ALL DAY.  There are hundreds of them that hang out partying in whatever way Canadian geese do, and you can’t even call the cops.  It’s delightful.

I walked out this morning at 0745 to take Ka’lani to cross-country practice and discovered ICE on my truck’s windows!  I had to scrape my freakin’ windows and it is only September.  I also discovered, along with the ice, a large amount of goose poop all over my truck.  There is very little in this world that smells as foul as goose poop.  I don’t know what these things eat, but whatever it is produces poop that is like damn cement.  So that was a delightful way to start the day!  WOOT freakin’ WOOT!

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  1. I’d call the cops anyways just to give THEM something to do. It would be similar to free entertainment. ;0) Yea – that’s the ONLY thing I don’t like about the North Country – the weather up here is way too weird for me to handle. I hope you’re having a great day & I want to read you F&ck post. *Cheers*


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