10.9.2009 | Friday

Dive bombed,…!

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Is it a bad omen?
Is it a sign that things are not going to go well for me today when, as I am coming back inside after seeing the kids off to school, a crow dive bombs me and nearly poops in my coffee? I don’t know which would have been worse, a crow pooping on ME or desecrating the coffee?! It was a beast, too, a BIG beast, squawking in my ear as it tried to maim me. Scared the living hell out of me! :chicken2: < -- The only bird one I had, but the crow was significantly uglier! My hubby should ♥ me!
Well, he should ♥ me for many reasons, but currently because I am satisfied with so little! In the course of my errands yesterday, I found 2 really cute tops,… at the Family Dollar Store! I am wearing one of them now, a cute gray and white cotton babydoll-style scoop neck top. It is a mock short-sleeve T over a long-sleeve one. The body of the shirt and the extra-long tight cuffs are gray and the sleeves and bottom hem trim are gray and white stripes. It is VERY comfy and cute, and I paid all of $5 for it! The other one is a plain black rounded V-neck, long sleeve T, with gathers at the V, also a grand total of $5. I may be cheap, but they are perfect for the day to day life of a SAHM!!

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