3.29.2010 | Monday

Weekend wrap-up!

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Lady of leisure,… NOT!
I spent most of the weekend lounging in bed, which sounds a whole lot better than it actually was!  I had the worst headache and it totally kicked my ass.  Not very often do they completely debilitate me but this one thoroughly succeeded!!  I have a fabby shiatsu massage pillow with heat and vibrations and it was my best friend throughout the weekend.  On the up side, I got to watch chick movies to my heart’s delight without much of the overwhelming testosterone level interfering!  That would be the silver lining to a pretty not-so-ideal weekend!!

No more airplanes in my laundry room!!
The other bright spot was the arrival of our new washer and dryer, delivered a few days early!  Our old washer, on spin cycle, sounded like a rather large airplane preparing to take off.  It was jaw rattlingly loud sometimes and largely ineffective at spinning despite the noise!!  And our dryer took an average of 4 runs through for a small load of 4 freakin’ towels.  Not anymore!  It is quiet and QUICK!  On average during the school week, I would start my first of 4 loads at 0600 and the last load would be dry around 1500 – 1600 that afternoon.  RI-DIC-U-LOUS!  So, I am a happy camper!  I figure we should save in electricity bills what we paid for the new appliances in just a few months!!

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