4.1.2010 | Thursday

Blogging in the sunshine,…

category: Daily Drama

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There is nothing better than sitting outside in the sun with a glass of iced tea and a laptop, Facebooking and blogging like the geek girl I am!!  After a long winter and a crappy spring, it is nice to see the sun again and actually have it be warm enough to be outside.  Of course, it would be better if one of the upstairs neighbors didn’t let their dog leave gigantic piles of unnaturally large poo all over MY lawn.  The sun has warmed it, creating a lovely cloying aroma that just can’t be duplicated by incense, candles, or any air freshener I have ever heard of, thank the Goddess!  That and the fact that the peace and quiet I had when I first came out has been thoroughly broken by the return of my youngest two from the playground and two of their friends playing in front of me.  However, watching them negotiate the doggy poo minefield is kind of entertaining!

Well, my concentration has now been throroughly destroyed, so I’m outta here!

Blessed be,… )O(

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