7.20.2011 | Wednesday

Bamboo shoots & sadists

category: Daily Drama

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It is almost 2pm and my right eye still feels as if I have been tortured by bamboo shoot-wielding sadists.  All around my tear duct.  It throbs and there are occasional shooting pains as if those nasty little sadists are pushing those shoots in deeper, all while giggling maniacally.  Fantastic.  Of course, by this point, you are probably trying to figure out just why the Mama is feeling tortured by sadists.  And the reason is thus.  The Crystal Face Masque by Montagne Jeunesse.  No, it is not that the product itself is created by bamboo shoot-wielding sadists.  It is the fact that I put it on my face on a morning that it is about 86° by 0900.  Heat combined with a mask based on honey?  It’s a combination that results in slippage.  Slippage into my aforementioned eye.  Slippage that contains large crystally chunks of sugar.  It feels lovely.  On the up side,… my skin does feel lovely!

I started my day out with beaucoup pampering.  The mask (↑) was accompanied by a lovely smelling Moroccan argan oil creamy hair mask.  The two together made me look absolutely gorgeous,… NOT!  But at least this time, no neighbors saw me and looked terrorized.  See “Hair goo + shower caps = Sexy Mama” for that particular story.  It was delightfully zen-like.  I am trying desperately to keep that zen feeling throughout my day, considering I have recently had enough stress to last me a good long while!

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