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Hobbit homes, pink waders, & snarky Mama

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I really need a cave to run away and make into my new home.  Of course, it would have to be nice and clean and cozy, with none of those pesky rocks and skittering animals.  Okay, maybe something a little more like this,… ↓  Click on the photo to go to the site for some great pics of the finished home.

A nice little hobbit home in my own little Shire, but with internet and electricity.  That would be ideal.  As long as I can get away from all that annoys me, which is a lot lately.  I am known for my generally positive outlook and joking manner, and I tend to take a bit more than I should from people.  I usually try to play it off with the aforementioned positive outlook and joking manner, and when that fails, a mini-vent.  But I have been burned too many times, and my patience level is a lot like that of a tiger being poked with a stick.  In other words, it is almost non-existant, although almost certainly less violent.  Which, I suppose, is a good thing, athough it probably put me in my own little cave.  But I am pretty sure that cave would resemble a prison cell on an episode of Lockup,  And orange is not my color, so I will have to stick to non-violent vents.

I think it is just the high level of BS and bad behavior I see going on that is driving me crazy.  It’s like watching a real life version of Mean Girls, with all the girl-on-girl crime going on.  Do these big girl bullies not realize that people have feelings, or do they just not care?  The level of insensitivity is mind-boggling.  No consideration of the feelings or situations of the people they are talking at whatsoever.  Yeah, you’re awesome.  Nothing says a good friend like one who uses you, abuses you, and throws you aside all while trying to hurt you as much as humanly possible.  Yeah, you’re a peach.

Some of the crap people say is ridiculously crass sometimes.  I wonder if they think they look cool by the way they throw down the f-bomb and do their best to purposely offend entire demographics of people?  Cause, yeah, nothing makes me want to listen to what you have to say like an ignorant tirade that has more f-bombs than any other word.  Now, I can throw down a “hell” or “damn” from time to time, but I don’t call people names and I don’t “eff this” and “eff that”.  I may be a bitch, but I am relatively classy one.

Hell, the level of BS is so high that I am seriously considering investing in a sturdy pair of rubber boots and hip waders, preferably in a lovely shade of pink.  And, yes, they do make them, as evidenced below! ↓

My favorite example of BS is those who portray themselves as the resident experts on a given subject, even though they know just about jack squat about that subject.  I love it even more when it is coming from someone who has made herself out to be a liar to those close to her in every aspect of her life over the last few years.  So much so that it would be helpful to have some kind of companion book to keep track of all the varying stories that have been told, not just to different people or on different topics, but the multitude of versions of the same story told to any one us.  If you are going to claim to be an expert on something, it is probably best if you haven’t admitted to a number of people that said situation never really happened.  It’s also probably not the greatest idea to go on and on about your experience with those same people.  I am like an elephant.  I remember.  And, remember, I have the tiger stick-poking patience level.

Girl drama sucks.  Those that indulge in it suck.  Those that think they are cool to be completely obnoxious and vile to other human beings suck.  You can be angry and you can be hurt and you can disagree.  But you don’t have to resort to cruelty.  And, hey, try giving some reality in your life a chance.  People might actually find that refreshing.  Just sayin’,…

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3 responses to “Hobbit homes, pink waders, & snarky Mama

  1. Well written and I am sorry to hear this. I have always thought that you and I were on the same level in these thoughts and many others as I have said in the past. Catty women have no lives, no self-esteem and no control over things in their own lives in my opinion. I play better with boys and a very few women who are just REAL 110%.
    Sending huggers, a hobbit home in a nice Shire and a pair of hot pink hip waders :) <3


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