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Chaos, Birthdays, Apologies & Wishes

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A little bit of chaos…

We are down to 21 days and a wake up before the commencement of Operation Deister Roll Out.  The movers will be here in exactly 2 weeks and will pack up our house that day and the next.  Then, on the 24th, we say goodbye to most of our worldly possessions as they begin their own journey to southern Arizona.  The cleaners come on the 27th and Soldier Daddy signs out on the 29th.  And off we go onto the next chapter of our lives!  We are taking the long way to Arizona, going through Montana to see his dad along the way.  We are the perfect travelling companions, however.  He is perfectly willing and happy to do all the driving.  And me?  The only time I truly sleep is in the car so I should catch up on about the last 5 years on the way to our new home state!

It has been chaotic around here, getting ready to go.  We have been going through stuff, getting rid of that which we don't need or want anymore.  The best thing about moving in the Army is the actual moving process on the leaving end.  The Army moves you entirely, packs everything for you.  That totally helps relieve at least a little of the chaos!!  We are taking just enough with us to hold us until our household goods get there, and have to have enough that the boys can hit the ground running as they will essentially miss a month of school.  Not that it will take us a month to get there, but school in AZ starts a month earlier than here in upstate NY.  We are leaving here just shy of 2 weeks before school even starts!  

But the chaos on this end is probably nothing like that which awaits me.  We won't have an address until we get there, so we are essentially homeless from the 29th on.  And my own college classes begin on the 10th of September.  We should be in Arizona by then, but may or may not have an address yet.  And once we do, chances are we will be at least a week before we get our stuff, not to mention cable, phone and internet access.  Thank goodness for HotSpot service with my iPhone for school!!  Then comes the juggling of college classes and unpacking.   I have done the PCS thing about a bazillion times in my career, every 2 or 3 years, always on my own and generally with kids.  He has always had long-term assignments in his career and the one PCS move he had to do as a non-single soldier, he had me.  The husband and I have a bit of a system worked out, which will help… I HOPE.  He is more than willing to do the bulk of the unpacking as long as I tell him where stuff goes so that I can keep up with school.  That works for me!

Aging gracefully?!

And in the midst of the pre-move chaos, my birthday is Sunday.  The big 4-2, about which I could care less, despite the fact that I am a cougar with a husband of 33.  Age just doesn't really matter much to me, at least, most of the time.  I mean, what is 42 supposed to feel like?  Or 50?  Why is age such a big deal?  There is no rule book that says lays out what you are supposed to feel like or look like.  Why should you have to conform to someone else's definition of what age is supposed to be?  So, I will ring in my birthday with my peacock blue hair and love every minute of it!  I get myself a birthday cake every year that says "Happy Birthday to ME!" And this year is no different!  This year, I am approaching my birthday with a renewed spirit and a fresh outlook and I can't wait!

Apologies, schmologies.

I read a post today on Roots of She that smacked me across the face.  The post could have bee describing me.  It is about apologizing for anything and everything.  For other people's doings, for things that don't even need apologizing for.  Talk about a constant drain!  I never, ever looked at it the way Alisha wrote about it but every bit of what she wrote is spot on.  A chronic apologizer.  That is what I have been and still am.  I never thought about the ramifications of that and what it does to your own self-worth and how you view yourself and your thinking.  This is huge to me, and something I am so going to be working on changing!!

Making Wishes…

Today's Wishcasting Wednesday is about creating.  I had to think about this for a moment.  There are a lot of things I would like to create.  Some more tangible than others.  Some more important than others.  Some bigger than others.  Some smaller than others.

♥  I want to create a space in our new home.  A space for me.  I want a space that is comforting and inspiring and mine.  I want a space to create, to study, to write, to relax.  I live in a house of boys.  I want this space as an oasis for me.

♥  I want to continue on this quest of mine, no matter how hard and frustrating it can sometimes be.  Why?  Because I want to create a new and happier and better me.

♥  I want to write.  I want to create the words on a page that are in my head, heart, and soul and the publish.  A big dream!

♥  I want to create a routine once we've moved, one that gives me enough time for everything (including myself) and to relieve stress.  In that time, I want to have time to exercise.  My health is going to improve there, and getting back in shpe will finally be possible!

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