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Adventures in ink…

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Yesterday my eldest went from ink virgin to tatted up.  While I don’t see him becoming as inked and steeled as I am and will be, I foresee more in his future!  He went first, but I got one, too, an admittedly unusual mother/son bonding experience!

We started our day at the tattoo place, discussing our designs with one of the artists, before heading out to get some lunch before it was our time to sit in the chair.  So we went to Indochine, a fabby Vietnamese place I had been dying to try.  I absolutely love pho bo and it has been years since I have been near a true Vietnamese place to get the good stuff.  My approximation is good, but it isn’t the real deal.  We had ridiculously big spring rolls to start off the meal and they were almost a meal in themselves!  Pics click to bigger sizes…

130112AZ1   130112AZ2

Then it was tattoo time!  We headed to Enchanted Dragon Tattoos here in Sierra Vista, one of seven shops they have.  Our artist was a guy named Matt who was hilarious and damn good at what he does.  I have been to a lot of tat places in my time and I was very impressed with the attitudes of these people.  I also loved that they went above and beyond to assure clients of health, hygiene, and safety of their equipment.  They have a piercer, Arianna, who kind of hung out with us and was really nice, too.  Of course, I may be biased because she rocked some seriously awesome pink hair!

Donovan went first, my little ink virgin.  Afterwards, he said it wasn’t nearly as painful as he had anticipated, but the faces he made were hysterical!  Again, pics are clickable!

130112AZ3 130112AZ4 130112AZ5 130112AZ6 130112AZ7 130112AZ8

So my little ink virgin is no more!  I got one, too, which I love.  It is fae wings with a triple moon on top.  I love the wings and the coloring, but they look more like butterfly wings through no fault of the artist.  I have to go back in a few weeks for any possible touch ups so I think I am going to have him add some wispy curliques to the wing tips on the top and bottom to make it look more fae-like!


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