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For the love and wisdom of Mr. Ty

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Blessed by camouflage…

There are times when it really strikes home just how much the Army does for my family, our lives and our futures.  Admittedly, I am an Army girl through and through, regardless of whether or not I still wear the boots.  The Army has given me a life I love and one that I would ever have had without it.  It drives me insane to listen to people in the Army community bitch about the little sacrifices without acknowledging the bounty of benefits, too.  Without the Army and its benefits, my son Ty would not have the life and the future he does.

Yesterday, Ricki Lake did a segment on her show featuring a young boy who was born with a bilateral complete cleft lip and palate.  He had had 14 failed surgeries with little success and money was a factor for him, as well.  I watched the segment while sobbing, listening to everything that beautiful little boy went through to get where he is now.  The story was heartwarming, with Texas Ranger Mike Adams helping the little boy be connected with Operation Smile, ensuring he finally got the care he needed.  You can watch the clip below.

My Ty was born with a unilateral complete cleft lip and palate, has had two surgeries and faces a few more.  He has had remarkable success with his surgeries and we are blessed by that.  Much of civilian insurance does not cover all of these surgeries, considering many of them to be “cosmetic” (and unnecessary  rather than “reconstructive”.  Take a moment to Google cleft lip and palate images and then tell me that these surgeries are not necessary for the lives of those afflicted.  The issues are both physical and psychosocial and both are important.  Without the Army and its medical benefits, I don’t know how we would have gotten the quality care that we did for our guy.  So I am feeling blessed by camouflage right now!

The wisdom of Mr. Ty

Perhaps I cursed the boy, but after watching that yesterday, I was an emotional wreck.  From the moment he walked inside the door from school, he was smothered by crazy Mama love!  By bedtime, he had a fever of just over 100° and is home today.  He’s maxing and relaxing on the other couch, as adorable as can be.  But not too long ago, he stood up and made a declaration that left me speechless.

Mommy, I love you and I have to poo poo.  I also pee when I poo poo.  I thought you should know.

What do you say to that?!

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