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College and Crochet

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A little bit of Hermione…

I am truly loving most of my classes this semester!  I only have one that is a traditional classroom setting, albeit an online one.  That is my Mythology and Modern Life class.  I really am loving my class in terms of what I am studying.  My professor is amazing; I’ve done some reading on her outside of class and she has done some amazing things.  Hardcore feminist, artist, etc.  She friended me on Facebook today and I started reading some of her posts about the projects she is involved in and they are truly inspiring.  I am less thrilled with my classmates.  Part of the grade covers participation, coming in the form of weekly discussions.  We are required to create an original post of our own and then respond to a minimum of two others.  The problem is that the overwhelming majority of them don’t post until the 11th hour, which makes participation difficult sometimes.  And half the time, many of them don’t respond to the entire topic, which makes conversation hard if they aren’t really doing the assignment.  Don’t get me wrong, the class is challenging, but if you aren’t willing to take the time to do the work, then why take the class?  I work my fluffy ass off in this class, but I also get a hell of a lot out of it.

I feel like I am shirking my duty by reading novels, despite the fact that they are assigned.  My Race and Romance Novel class is all novels and, while that is fabulous, my inner Hermione feels like I am not doing my classwork.  I am reading another novel for the Mythology class, unlike anything I have ever read and it is one of those that takes a lot of analyzing to get all of the themes, the archetypes, and the symbolism.  That same class has had me watching Hercules and Xena and The Book of Eli, none of which feel like homework!

And a little bit of crochet…

I have been a crocheting fool, juggling projects.  I crochet while I read my textbooks and just about every evening.  It has sort of become therapy for me, allowing me to escape a little bit into something creative.  I thought that getting by my almost due date would help, but I am beginning to think its not that easy.  So I have been creating.

I did this great hat by Tamara Kelly, The Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat.  I love, love, love this hat.  I did it in a house brand yarn that I had never used, but I love how it feels.  Almost a little spongy.  The pics are clickable in a new window.

Pattern:  Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat
Yarn:  JoAnn’s Purl Essence Sincerely in Light Gray

131023AZ1 131023AZ2

Then I decided that I needed a matching pair of wristlets so I whipped up a pair!  The pattern is free here and there is a link there for the pattern on Ravelry.  These are great to fill that gap between fall and winter, or for warmer places like here in Arizona!  As you can see in the third pic, they are made fairly short, intended to be tucked under a sleeve.

Pattern:  Pretty Picot Wristlets
Yarn:  JoAnn’s Purl Essence Sincerely in Light Gray

131025AZ1 131025AZ2 131025AZ3

Then I saw a really cute heart-themed hat, also from the designer of the Fallen Leaves hat.  So I whipped that up this weekend, renaming it “My Blackened Heart”!

Pattern:  All Mine Slouch Hat
Yarn:  Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in black, and Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in Pastel Pink


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